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Treatment of  Chronic and Acute Illness and Diseases

Diagnostic Procedures:

EKG (Electrocardiogram)

Spirometry/Peak flow

Pulse oximetry


In-Office Procedures:

Suture/staple removal

Wart/Skin biopsies/excisions

Osteopathic manipulative medicine

Nebulizer treatments

Joint/Trigger point injections


Educational Services:

Diabetic training, including: Glucometers, Insulin,  Nutrition Services

Inhaler instruction



Adult and pediatric immunizations

Annual flu shots


In-Office Lab Testing:

Urine testing

Monospot testing

Rapid influenza testing

Rapid strep testing

Initially approaching a patient of any age group to elicit a detailed and accurate history, perform an appropriate physical examination, delineate problems and record and present data.

Partnering with the Sisters of Charity Hospital Family Medicine Residency program is Primary Care of Western New York’s intentional commitment to meet the future medical needs of our community. Family Medicine residents are doctors who are required to spend three years after medical school graduation training in a number of clinical settings to learn the full scope of Family Medicine. Resident physicians are supervised by our board certified physicians. At some appointments you may meet with both doctors. At other appointments you may meet with only the resident physician.

If you would like further information on the residency program and current family medicine residents, please click on the link below.

Utilizing common laboratory, radiological, cardiographic and other routine diagnostic procedures used to identify pathophysiologic processes which are interpreted by the physicians.

Performing routine procedures such as injections, immunizations, wound care, managing conditions produced by infections or by trauma, illnesses and injuries and performing the evaluation and therapeutic procedures.

Instructing and counseling patients regarding compliance with prescribed therapeutic regimens, normal growth and development, family planning, emotional problems or daily living and health maintenance.

Facilitating the referral of patients to other health related professionals and community health and social service agencies when appropriate.

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