Residents are trainees that have completed medical school. They are physicians. Generally speaking, residents train from three to seven years to become certified in their area of expertise. This time can be thought of as an apprenticeship or “on-the-job training.” During this time, residents have supervision and hands on instruction as they care for patients. At this time in their careers, many residents start growing their practices with patients who stay with them for years beyond their training. Residents also have dedicated time for study, lecture and experience with many specialty fields.

What can a Resident Physician do?

Residents have the skills to take histories, do physical exams and make diagnoses. As they are under the supervision by board certified physicians, Residents can write prescriptions, arrange tests and referrals and do procedures. As they advance in their training, residents practice more independently.

Can I make an appointment with a Resident Physician?

Yes. At PCWNY, the residents have regular schedules and work along side the physicians. They can see new patients for physicals, established patients for urgent visits and can follow up on chronic problems. Often, their schedules allow appointment times that are convenient. At any time, an attending physician is available for consultation.

Can I list a resident as my Primary Care Physician?

No. Patients are assigned to the supervising physician but still have the opportunity to work with the Resident. Visits will be covered by health insurance in the same fashion as if seeing the PCP.